How can I measure the size and the cup of the bra?

In many cases, wearing a bra is essential and, eventually, it becomes a habit to which you cannot renounce. Wearing the wrong bra, maybe all day long, can cause an unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation, in addition to posture problems, therefore it is necessary to wear bras which are not too tight, which help to  keep the back in a straight position and which support the weight of the bust. When the bra is “perfect” you can easily even forget that you are wearing it.
To obtain a perfect fit you have to pick out the right size!
Knowing the width of the chest is not enough, you need to know another measure: the cup. The size of the cup, identified by a letter, is related to the volume of the bust that the bra should contain and support.
Bras with a cup that is too big or too small compared to the ideal size of the bust, can be uncomfortable or, in many cases, even annoying or useless.
The rule “prevention is better than cure” is always valid, so this is how to avoid unpleasant and annoying inconveniences such as underwires that pierce, too tight bands or falling shoulder straps 
The procedure is easier than what you think, the first step is to have a tape measure at hand.
Measure the circumference under the bust as in the picture 1, paying attention to keep the metre perfectly horizontal and to tighten it under the bust.
Now that you have the length in centimetres, search for the size in the following chart under the heading “Under the bust in cm” and write it down.
At this point, measure the circumference of the bust, again as shown in the picture 1, paying attention to keep the metre perfectly horizontal, but not too tight.
Search for the size in the chart “Bust circumference in cm”; this is the size of your cup.
 For example:
• If your underbust circumference is 77 cm, the size of your reference is a 3 or 90.
• If your breast circumference is 94 cm, your cup size is C.
Therefore, your bra size is 3 ° C. or 90 cup
Parah Size 1 2 3 4 5 6
Parah Size 80 85 90 95 100 105
Underbrast in cm 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95

Breast circumference in cm
Cup B 79-83 84-88 89-93 94-98 99-103 104-108
Cup C 83-87 88-92 93-97 98-102 103-107  
Cup D 87-91 92-96 97-101 102-106 107-111  
Cup E 91-95 96-100 101-105 106-110 111-115  
Other useful hints:
Once you have found out the perfect size, there are some other useful hints that you should know. First of all, when you fasten the little hooks of the bra, do not tighten it too much, this increases the comfort when you are wearing the bra, but it also help to prevent annoying side marks when you wear slightly close-fitting tops. 
Furthermore be careful about the shoulder straps, they should be always equally adjusted. This point, which is often undervalued, is instead very important, as it can cause postural problems and consequent damages to the back.
In the picture 2 you can see the right way in which the bra should be worn on the back.
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