Is it possible to find the perfect swimwear to suit your body?

Choose a swimsuit is often difficult for women because, as everyone knows, they always note both real and hypothetical defects.

But there are different types of swimsuits and it is possible to identify, for each female figure, the models which exalt the qualities and camouflage the defects.
This Is the most harmonic figure, chest and hips have the same circumference and the waistline is slight.
Bikini: perfect is a balconette bikini top and low waist bikini bottom, the first can support and exalt the décolleté and the second enhances the wasp waist.
One piece Swimsuit: green light to very feminine items with plunging necklines.
To avoid: Bikini top and bikini bottom with different colours as they can disproportionate the figure.   
Chest, waistline and hips have the same circumference so it is essential to highlight the waist!
Bikini: the best are the very feminine models with bright and vivid colours, full of details.
One piece Swimsuit: choose a monobikini, it creates more movements and makes the figures less squared.
To avoid: Sporty and mono-colors swimsuits.
The chest circumference is lower than the hips one.
Bikini: The best solution is to choose padded and flashy bikini tops; for hiding the hips choose basic models dark colored.
One piece Swimsuit: select bi-color items, bright tones for chest and dark tones on hips.
To avoid: Bikini bottom with self ties at hips, shorts and culottes.
The chest circumference is wider than the waistline one.
Bikini: green light for Brazilian and string, the bikini top should not be too flashy, better if triangle or bandeau.
One piece Swimsuit: select V neckline or strapless.
To avoid: there are not particular shapes to avoid; essential is to enhance the shoulders.
The waistline is wider than the hips and chest line.
Bikini: choose a balconette or a push-up bikini top, while the bikini bottom should not be too high-cut.
One piece Swimsuit: perfect the close-fitting and shaped models, better if in dark colours or with micro pattern print.
To avoid: triangle and bandeau bikini, bright and vivid colours.
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