Why should you choose to wear swimwear made with Sensitive® fabric?

Sensitive® is the fabric of choice in every collection by leading swimwear brands around the world.
Sensitive ® is a universal fabric, which is renewed season after season, and is extremely versatile so it has a wide range of uses; its extraordinary aesthetic and functional qualities have made it irreplaceable for innovative premium garments.

Sensitive ® is a unique system of fabrics made up of a special mix of soft Meryl microfibre and a high percentage of Lycra; it’s the only fabric that can be used to make essential, impeccable garments with “raw edges” and minimal stitching without causing the unsightly effect of the edges of the fabric rolling in on themselves. Sensitive ® is perfect for making body-shaping garments that enhance the silhouette and swimwear that can help with sporting performance.

Swimwear made from Sensitive ® fabric retain their original colours over time; they do not yellow, they can be washed by hand and machine, they dry quickly, do not need to be ironed and are resistant to chlorine, sea salt and UV rays.

In addition to high performance in terms of easy wear and easy care, Sensitive offers a perfectly even and refined surface that accentuates the garments’ beauty and style.
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