Parah Company

Tradition and innovation in the world of swimwear and lingerie.

The Parah company was founded in the fifties, achieving the greatest success on the fashion market in the seventies. In fact, during the seventies Parah becomes a leading brand of Italian fashion, a refined brand, with garments that enhance femininity.

Innovation has always been the engine of the company and its added value. Thanks to the innovative spirit and product research, Parah anticipated and guided the changes in the fashion market by transforming the swimsuit into a “fashion” product, attentive to trends in the seventies. The Parah Group has brought innovation in the field of fashion advertising by using, as the first in the sector, wall advertising as a means of communication with consumers.

Parah pays absolute attention to fashion trends and with its swimwear and underwear collections has accompanied and interpreted changes in the world of women, continuously updating the style and ensuring the total quality of the product in the context of manufacturing and craftsmanship. All stages, from stylistic design to production with cutting-edge machinery, are carried out in Italy thus guaranteeing the consumer a 100% made in Italy product.

Particular importance is given to the design phase of the stylistic conception of the products. This phase is used to propose garments that combine the best comfort contained in fashion. The founders of the Parah Group have always made quality and style the fundamental characteristics of the company and are still an integral part of the company’s values ​​and mission today.

1950s – Edda Paracchini and her husband Giovanni Piazzalunga begin their entrepreneurial adventure with the artisanal production of corsetry for the Italian markets. The encouraging results lead to the birth of the Parah brand in 1953. Curious note: the name of the brand initially chosen was “Parak”, in homage to the founder’s surname, but a typographical error transformed the original name into “Parah”. The mistake immediately turns into a lucky charm and is kept for years to come.

1960s – In the early 1960s, the craft workshop took on the size of a small business. In 1962 the real company was born at a corporate level, in Gallarate, in the province of Varese. During the sixties, Parah converted the production from underwear into swimwear and coordinated beachwear, for which it will establish itself in the eighties as one of the best known and most appreciated brands in the sector in Italy. The company begins to manage its own distribution network consisting of a dozen sales agents.

1970s – In 1975 with the inclusion of Gregorio Piazzalunga in the company, the second generation of the founding family continues the story of Parah. The young entrepreneur sensed the potential of the Beachwear sector and in 1976 began producing new swimwear collections. This is how the Sabbia Impronte and Off-limits Beachwear lines were born, reaching different types of consumers and covering all market segments. The brand, among the first to use large format billboards, creates advertising campaigns that reflect social changes. The desire for transgression in the early seventies appears in the posters, with the “scandalous” position of the first testimonial of the Parah brand, showgirl Barbara D’Urso and, subsequently, the aggressive and characteristic attitude of the eighties.

1980s – During the 1980s, Parah established itself as a leader in the swimwear market and, in the wake of the emerging phenomenon of Made in Italy, it became a point of reference for companies in the sector. At the end of the eighties, the company resumed the production of corsetry.

1990s – The years of the end of the millennium brought great innovations that pushed the revival of the underwear sector. Among the most popular items is Lumière, the bra without cuts or seams. In a few months, Lumière’s sales exceeded 100,000 units. In 1998 the company also looks to expansion abroad with the opening of the first two single-brand stores in Spain.

2000s – For the first time in the industry, machinery and technologies used in the pharmaceutical field are used for the development of special polyurethane cups that keep the air inside even after repeated washing. “Aria” is born, the lightest push-up ever made, weighing just over 50 grams. The drive for innovation allows the introduction of new models such as: “La Gabbia”, inspired by traditional corsetry, from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century; the Bikini Coppa Plus, which dresses all types of breasts (from size II to V); the “BK206”, a new bikini model with extendable cups, a real revolution for women with particular wearability needs.

1910s – Parah celebrates its sixtieth birthday since its foundation. It is an opportunity to realize the attention to female customers with a brilliant limited edition: Parah Anniversary. The Worldwide Web takes over and in May 2011 the website is enriched with the new online boutique. The company starts the project of diversification of the collections by also focusing on new clothing items for the brand: the Parah Concept collection is born with many proposals to coordinate and mix to create truly exclusive looks. New models in corsetry are then also declined in Beachwear: among the best known, the “Tulip Bra”, with the particular flower shape; the “Push Up High Tech Bra” ideal for both small and more abundant breasts but not perfectly toned; finally, the “Super Up Bra”, consisting of a graduated cup with underwire. Parah New Generation is a sophisticated mix of tradition and innovation, a complete wardrobe to dress the woman at any time of the day.

The Parah company bases its success on a management that is very attentive to the creation of corporate value.

Customer care

For Parah, customer assistance is increasingly attentive and accurate. Any request is treated with competence and clarity in order to meet all customer needs.

The work environment

Parah operates in a safe and comfortable work environment. An environment that contributes to stimulating personal and professional development.

Respect for the external environment

Parah guarantees economical use of energy and adheres to the program of support for renewable energy sources, an important contribution to respect for the environment. The historicity of the brand is based on the work of competent and passionate people who over the years have made their own contribution and given value to the choices made. The experience, the great ability to innovate and research the product allow us to meet the needs of the consumer and to anticipate the trends and styles of the fashion market

Corso Leonardo da Vinci, 50 – 21013 Gallarate (VA) – Italy

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For Parah the quality is not only of the product, but also of what surrounds it.

This project is an important step towards a specific goal: to offer quality products in full respect of the environment.

With this energy solution PARAHSOL SRL will contribute to a substantial reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere, quantifiable in:

  • 590 kg of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per year
  • 195 kg per year of nitrogen oxides (NOX)
  • 23 kg of powders per year
  • 140 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year

Technical characteristics of the system

Peak plant power – 190.08 KWp
Annual plant production – 229,000 KW / a
Coverage of the energy needs of the ID – 65%
Total plant area – 1,346 sq.m.

The panels chosen are composed of aluminum, glass and silicon, all completely recyclable materials.

In addition, MX Group, the manufacturer of Parah photovoltaic modules, is one of the members of the PV Cycle, a non-profit association that was founded in 2007 with the aim of starting a voluntary program for the collection and recycling of modules by the photovoltaic industry. based in Brussels.