Art, nature, artisan workmanship and italian style: parah's new recipe for its spring/summer 2014 collections

For over 60 years, Parah has been recognized for its style, reliability, excellence and Italian workmanship. The concept, inspiration, and taste of the collections are 100% Italian, and Italian essence is at the basis of this exclusive brand that represents every woman's desire to look great. 
The Parah woman is ambitious, confident, modern, and fashion-forward. Always on the go, she basks in the spotlight and loves to be admired and desired. Luxury, distinctiveness, and seduction are expressed through accurately made garments full of details, accessories, colors and shapes that reflect the taste of this ultra-feminine woman of class.
The trendsetting Parah brand designs coordinated exquisitely made apparel that flatters the figure and emphasizes a woman's beautiful curves.


Nature with its shapes and colors and art with its technique and philosophy: these are the two themes inspiring the Parah beachwear collection for Spring/Summer 2014. The collection was designed and especially created for a woman who absolutely wants to shine in the spotlight. The choice of colors, fabrics, accessories, and combinations is never random. There is great attention to every detail and fit. Above all, there is a great revival of Italian creativity and artisan workmanship.
The well-balanced and carefully coordinated collection lets a woman play with her wardrobe. Many separates can be easily mixed and matched, which means that choices are practically unlimited. Completely reversible items with a double print can be used freely and in different ways. There is also the super chic bikini bottom combined with a stretch bandeau top that personalizes style with contrasts and three-dimensional effects.
Colors are well-defined in both solids and prints. Green predominates in all of its shades – from apple to lime and olive – and harmoniously blends with coral, blue, fuchsia, orange and cocoa brown. The colors of nature are used as the background for prints.
One of the new products for the Spring/Summer 2014 season is the Super Up bikini with inner cup to emphasize the bust. The bandeau bikini remains an indispensable item in every woman's wardrobe, but the real must-have article is the one-piece swimsuit and trikini that Parah has reinvented in various styles or the fashion scarf swimsuit that turns into a trikini thanks to the coordinated scarf that wraps around the body. 
The string bikini bottom is replaced by the new Brazilian panty that is trendier and more stylish: made of lined fabric, it leaves no marks and isn't too tight.
The collections features the right mix of prints and solid colors: flowers and graffiti are embellished with luxurious tiny crystal motifs, soft studs, and macramé lace that decorate everything from articles with a vintage print to sleeker, more elegant styles. Artisan craftsmanship transforms these garments into sculptures: made of lasered jacquard, they have soft padding that complements the bust and emphasizes the figure.  
Caftans and sarongs are also included in the wide range of dresses, trousers, tops, shorts, and skirts that are more than just beachwear and are perfect for creating a total look for summer. Waterproof neoprene and leather bags and macramé earrings, necklaces, bracelets and belts complete the Parah look for summer 2014.

Underwear and lingerie

This collection travels through time and history, from the 18th to the 20th century.
Parah reinterprets the corset, following a path that blends art and music.  The new Parah lingerie collection echoes themes that have marked important eras: from romantic style to rococo, jazz, and street style.
Great attention is paid to quality, which responds to a precise demand from national and international markets. The collections, which were designed and produced in Italy, focus on tradition and sartorial skills and reveal a careful search for fine materials such as silk, which is a star of Parah lingerie.
Silk, tulle and light, impalpable microfiber are embellished with all types of guipure or macramé lace that is blended or layered to emphasize cuts and styles in which transparency brings back the femme fatale look of the 19th century.
Abandoning old whalebone, corsets and shaper panties now have soft string details.
The range of bras is huge, from the classic balcony bra to the bandeau, padded, and push-up bra and to the innovative Super Up bra coordinated with bikini panty, thong, boy panty, or the new Brazilian panty with more comfortable, fitted styling.
Fresh, delicate colors that are typical of spring – petal pink, wisteria, sand, sky blue, cherry, and aqua – are joined by classic timeless black and white. 
The lingerie collection is completed with sleek and simple robes, nightgowns, and pajamas with a relaxed fit. This homewear for totally relaxing moments perfectly combines elegance and comfort.  Fabrics such as satin, viscose, silk or jersey are accented and embellished with bows or crystals. The pajama – once again designed for sleeping – features understated detailing and trim.

Concept line

The Parah world of clothing comes together in one luxurious and multifaceted proposal. The easy-wear/pocket/streetwear concept is expressed through a single wardrobe of coordinated garments that are perfect for any occasion. 
Parah presents different fashion solutions for a woman who wants to always feel at ease, day or night, at a business luncheon or out for an aperitif with friends, for an evening at home or out in an elegant locale.
The common denominator is high quality fabric, a comfortable fit, tasteful colors, and combinations that are the mainstays of an innovative and elegant collection designed for a woman who wants a classy look full of harmony and seduction.
A series of practical, comfortable jumpsuits redefine the feminine silhouette, combining comfort and femininity with true artisan techniques.  Fabrics such as chenille, cotton fleece, and viscose are soft and embellished with details such as silver coatings or gold chain embroidery. Multicolored print satin inserts add a lively splash of color to cardigans, trousers and sweaters.
Viscose knitwear exclusively produced in Italy has a timeless luxurious look. Dresses, sweaters, and oversized cardigans come to life in vibrant shades of coral, turquoise, brown, or cream that are perfect for summer.

Feminine necklines with contrasting trim, lasered details, different volumes and geometric shapes create a contemporary aesthetic for dresses made of solid-color and printed Sensitive and viscose fabrics. Practical to wear, comfortable, functional and sleek, they all have an elegant, chic look.  Summery colors such as wisteria, blue and cream are paired up with black and white. Tulle details and pleated ruffles adorn cocktail dresses for an unforgettable evening.
Parah has also produced a footwear capsule collection entirely made of silicone that can be worn with the clothing and swimwear collections.
From classic ballerina flats to thongs and wedge shoes, each style is embellished with details such as bows, stones, or scarves and come in shades of purple, smoky gray, taupe, white, yellow, black and salmon.