In its years of activity, Parah has worked to develop a project, a philosophy that aims to create new trends with an unmistakable touch: the passion for the product, the assiduous and continuous research, the unique style, the absolute glamour and an inimitable comfort. 

Impronte Parah

Impronte is a cornerstone fashion line in the world of Parah. The research that has been carried out during the years is the essential basis for the development of Impronte. A strengthened know-how, an obstinate and diligent path, a precise study based on numerous analysis in the lab, countless wearability tests and a lot of prototypes to obtain a unique, elegant and extremely comfortable product. 

Parah uomo

The last years’ trends in men’s lifestyle have highlighted a strong rediscovery of the more hedonistic and recreational aspects of life. The post-modern man likes to be involved in fashion with a new enthusiasm, revealing an increasing curiosity and interest for the care of his appearance.