Elle Sposa

Bride and accessories.
On page 162 a selection of matching underwear for the wedding day.

Vanity Fair

Special lingerie.
On page 98 shooting with bra lotus Parah.

Donna Moderna

The pleasure of your beautiful.
On page 47 shooting with Parah lingerie.

Vanity Fair

Special Lingerie.
On page 150 sill-life to the very best of intimate 2013.



Yachting club.
On page 41 special shows S-S 2013. A beach proposal by the parade of Parah.

Marie Claire Bis

Catwalk special.
On page 90 Parah catwalk.

My Self

Parah Lingerie
On page 118 microfibre top,  Parah.

Vanity Fair

On page 132 proposals for intimateof a Parah.


On page 77 tips intimate with coordinated Parah.


On page 114  underwear shotting with a bra of Parah.