Marco Polo

The travels of Marco Polo.
Cover  with shooting of Vanessa Hessler wearing costumes from the collection Parah PE 2014.



Adriana Volpe wearing Parah bikinis.
The showgirl with Parah bikini serie Scultura in shooting.

Marie Claire

Special lingerie.
On page 190 article with Parah lingerie coordinate in white color.

Diva e Donna

Fashion beach.
On page 103 Impronte Parah still-life with swimsuit.


Gipsy couture
On page 93 Parah shooting with Parah New Generation bikini.


Marie Claire

Special lingerie.
On page 190 shooting in still-life with Parah intimate coordinate.


Diva e Donna

Etno style.
On page 100 shooting with bikini of Parah New Generation line.


So sexy. Black lace or folk print?
On page 153 shooting with coordinate lingerie of Parah FW 2014-15 collection.


Donna Moderna

One day model.
Show in shooting a Parah New Generation bikini.

Diva e Donna

Flowers and colors.
On page 115 shooting with Parah bikini of SS 2014 collection.