The costumes summer 2013.
On page 115 service with the costumes worn proposed for the 2013 season. Parah proposes a swimsuit.


Finally to the sea ....
On page 82-83 shooting swimsuits with a proposal of Impronte Parah.

Vanity Fair

A string leads to another.
On page 138 still-life of various costumes. Parah proposes the Triangle Bikini New Generation.

Donna Moderna

The costumes summer 2013.
On page 79 swimsuit, band or tie for next summer Parah choose.


Style Papers

The coming summer.
On pages 26-27 Interview with Gianluca Piazzalunga of Parah trends SS 2013.


Summer Lady.
On page 169-170 shooting with Parah trikini of collection SS 2013


Special beachwear.
On page 203 Parah trikini with polyurethane inserts.

My Self

Swimsuit or bikini ....
On page 92 service still-life with proposals of some Parah swimwear for the summer 2013.

Vanity Fair

Special swimwear.
On page 153 shooting with a bikini Parah.

Tu Style

73 costumes that make you happy.
From p. 98 a series of proposals for costumes Parah for all tastes and all occasions.