Sport Week

Special beachwear.
On page 53 shooting witk Parah On Ice bikini.


Il Sole 24 Ore

Launch of Parah New Generation collection
On page 8 article / interview to Gianluca Piazzalunga on company news.


Miami Style.
On page 76 shooting  with a proposal of the Parah collection Parah beachwear.



Special beachwear.
On page 144-45 shooting of beachwear  with a proposal from the Parah New Generation collection.


On page 129 shooting  with costumes Parah.

Diva e Donna

Choices belly.
On page 106 lotus flower bra Parah for pregnant women.



Total immersion.
On page 87 shooting in special beachewear service.


Special beachwear.
On page 111 shooting witk swimsuit Parah in total white.

Very Elle Shopping

The proposals sea of Very Elle.
On pages 87, 95 and 99 proposals in stil-life of some costumes Parah for summer 2013.


Donna Moderna

The pleasure of making you beautiful.
On page 86 shooting with a suit of Parah beachwear PE 2013.