Glamour Accessori

Special accessories and lingerie.
On page 64 lingerie shooting with Parah brief and bra.


The lingerie spring.
On page 168 shooting with matching lingerie Parah.

La Prealpina

Parah, new captain at the helm.
On page 10 in the economy section the appointment of Gianluca Piazzalunga driving Parah.

Italia Oggi

Parah: change at the top.
On page 16 article of the appointment of Gianluca Piazzalunga driving Parah.

La Provincia di Varese

Gianluca Piazzalunga head of Parah.
On page 13 the appointment of the new spokesman of Gallarate.


Lingerie is already in bloom.
On page 24 models with proposal of Parah.


Lingerie for curvy women.
On page 25 shooting with a matching lingerie Parah.


Special lingerie.
On page 91 shooting of Parah string.


The worn underwear.
On page 77 shooting of underwear  with proposed Parah.

Tu Style

Lingerie Match.
On page 86 proposals for intimate combined with signs of the zodiac. Parah corset.