Tradition and innovation in the world of beachwear and lingerie

Parah was founded in the 1950s and became a huge success in the fashion industry in the 1970s.
It was in the 1970s that Parah became a leading brand in Italian fashion, a refined brand with garments that emphasised a woman’s femininity.

The company has always been driven by innovation, and this is what sets Parah apart from other brands. With this innovative spirit and product research Parah anticipated and pioneered changes in the fashion industry, transforming the swimsuit into an object of pure fashion in the 1970s.

The Parah Group introduced innovation to the world of fashion advertising and was the first to use wall advertising as a way of communicating with consumers.
Parah pays the utmost attention to fashion trends and has accompanied and interpreted the changes in the world of women with its swimwear and underwear collections, continually updating its style and ensuring the finest quality in the production and craftsmanship of its products.

Every step of the production process, from style design to manufacturing with cutting-edge machinery, is done in Italy so Parah can guarantee its customers products that are 100% Made in Italy.

The part of the design phase involving the style concept of the products is particularly important. This stage ensures that the garments successfully combine absolute comfort with fashion.

The founders of the Parah Group have always considered quality and style to be the fundamental keystones of the business, and they are still an integral part of the company’s values and mission.
Giovanni Piazzalunga and Edda Paracchini
History: Parah milestones
1950s - Husband and wife Giovanni Piazzalunga and Edda Paracchini began their business adventure by making a few items of corsetry and selling them at local markets. Thegenesisof the exotic sounding Parah came in 1953. They wanted the brand name to reflect the first letters of its founder’s surname but the printer used the letter "h" by mistake instead of “k”, which had been chosen to reproduce the sound of the double “c”. They decided to keep the “h” for good luck.

1960s - The family atelier started to grow into a small business in the early 1960s. The first proper company was established in 1962 in Gallarate, a town in the province of Varese, Northern Italy. During the 1960s Parah converted the production of underwear into swimsuits and beachwear, for which it went on to become one of the best-known brands in the 1980s. The company started to manage a distribution network made up of a dozen agents.

1970s - The second generation joined the business in 1975 and with Gregori Piazzalunga came a turning point in the company’s development. The young businessman noticed a rising market demand for swimwear, which was an untapped segment of the clothing industry, and developed the potential of these products. In 1976 the group started production for new lines of swimwear: Sabbia, Impronte and Off Limits beachwear; which reached different types of consumers and covered all segments of the market.
The company created advertising campaigns (and were the first to use large posters) that reflected social changes to convey this new concept: the desire for transgression of the early 1970s, with the “scandalous” position of the Parah brand’s first testimonial, Barbara D'Urso and then later on the aggressive, career-driven attitude of the 1980s.

1980s - This is the decade in which Parah became truly established. It was the first company in this industry to be so successful and, on the back of the rising phenomenon of “Made in Italy”, it created new collections for every season in keeping with fashion trends. Parah started making corsetry again at the end of the 1980s.

1990s - The 1990s were all about great innovations which, together with innovative products and famoustestimonials, led to the relaunch of the underwear industry. One of the most outstanding products wasLumière, the seamless bra without any cuts that was introduced with a communication campaign worth over 2 billion lire featuring a brand-new testimonial, the skier Deborah Compagnoni. 100,000 bras were sold in just a few months. With the 1998 opening of the first two single-brand partnership stores in Marbella and Puerto Banus in Spain, Parah launched its expansion abroad.

2000 - To celebrate its 50th anniversary the group published a mini-collection of swimwear called "Parah-Gold Collection". The strategy of distributing through single-brand stores also took off in Italy and stores opened in major cities, tourist destinations and places of strategic interest, such as Milan Malpensa International Airport. These were followed by innovative style projects that led to an increase in turnover in the underwear division of more than 25% over 3 years. Aria, with Nathalie Caldonazzo as the face of the project, was particularly memorable. 
'10s - Parah celebrates its  60th anniversary. An opportunity to actualize the attention towards the  female customers with a brilliant limited edition: Parah Anniversary. 
The world of the web gain the upper hand and  May 2011 the website is enriched with the new e-boutique. 
The company launch a project   aiming for a  diversification of the collections pointing also on clothing: the birth of the Parah Concept Collection including  proposals that  coordinate and creates a truly and unique look.
New Styles for the lingerie Collection which will be used also for the  beachwear: the "tulip bra" the particular flower  shape, the " high tech push-up bra " is ideal for small breasts and  abundant breast  but not perfectly and the " Super Up Bra ", consisting of a graduated cup and underwire.
The success of Parah is based on on a very attentive management, to create business value.

Customer care
Our customer service is attentive and accurate. Any request will be responded with competence and transparency in order to meet all the needs of the customers.

Working environment
Parah operates in a safe and comfortable working environment.
An environment that helps foster the personal and professional development.

Respect for the environment
Parah guarantees an economic use of energy and takes part in the support program for renewable energy sources. This is an important contribution to the environment.

The history of the brand is based on the work of skilled and passionate people who over the years have made their contribution and given value to the choices of the brand.
Our experience and ability to innovate and research in our industry can satisfy the customer's needs and to anticipate the trends and styles of the fashion market.
Parah Showroom & Press Office
Via Tortona 14
20144 Milano (MI) - Italy

T. +39 02 89919885

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Corso Leonardo da Vinci, 50 - 21013 Gallarate (VA), Italia

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The watchword for Parah is always quality, not only regarding the product, but also the environment that surrounds it. This project is an important step towards a specific objective, that is to offer valuable products in the total respect for the environment.

With this energy solution PARAHSOL S.R.L.  will contribute to a significant reduction of the polluting emissions, quantifiable as follows:
  • -590 kg per year of sulphur trioxide (SO2)
  • -195 kg per year of nitrogen oxides (NOX)
  • -23 kg per year of fine dust
  • -140 tons yearly of carbon dioxide (CO2)
Peak power of the plant 190,08 kWp
Yearly productiveness of the plant 229.000 kWh/a
Coverage of the energy requirement of the I.D. 65%
Overall surface of the plant 1.346 m2 

The panels that have been chosen are made of aluminium, glass and silicon, all of these are totally recyclable materials.

Furthermore, MX Group, the producer of Parah’s photovoltaic modules, is one of the members of the PV Cycle, a not-for-profit association based in Brussels, which was founded in 2007 with the aim of starting a volunteer programme of collection and recycle of the modules from the photovoltaic industry.
Date of the latest data collection
Energy produced (MWh)
Emissions avoided CO2  (Kg)