The Franchise project of Parah is dedicated to entrepreneurs who already work in the world of textiles and fashion.

Why Parah
Parah is the first brand in fashion underwear and beachwear that provides its image and its know-how for a retail project of a high standard.
The entrepreneur who becomes affiliated to Parah accepts the challenge of conquering visible space in the  market by our creations and with our  concept store design.

What does Parah
Parah provides an important support for those who decide to join the brand:
  • Using the Brand "Parah"
  • Opportunity to buy all the Parah Brands: Parah Parah Noir, Parah Men, Parah Footprints, Sand, Parah Online.
  • Best business conditions, dedicated list with a mark-up much higher than all the traditional distribution
  • Selection of Products directly in Showroom supported by a qualified technical and commercial support
  • Store presence in the Company Website. 
  • Mailboxes with electronic Domain "" 
  • Visual Merchandising support 
  • Technical support for the management and use of corporate information system
  • Education and Training
  • Chance to do at the end of each season, a Return of unsold 
Conditions for franchising : franchise investment fashion store Parah
  • Store size: about 60- 80 + 15 sqm commercial inventory and services, with at least two windows with top light L 1.50.
  • Location: Streets of  commercial interest in City Centres of at least 40,000 inhabitants, or in popular tourist location.
  • Staff required: for each point of sale requires a presidium consisting of a full-time manager and a part-time Assistant. 
  • Experience: welcome but not required 
  • Guaranty Bank: not less than € 40,000 (forty thousand) 
  • Entrance Fee: You will be asked at a Franchisee Fee Entrance of € 8,000 in respect of which the Franchisor undertakes to offer the following Ancillary Services:
    • Analysis of Location and Project Feasibility 
    • Drawing up BP's estimates Outlet 
    • Realization of the Project Executive of furniture 
    • Coordination relationships Affiliate - Company scorer of furniture 
    • Tiling Start-up: 
    • Coaching for the 1st Day of Opening: sales support operations dedicated Customer Service
    • Help Desk and Service Delivery dedicated
    • "Orders System" will be provided by the Company is an integral advice for Orders system that for the next seasonal orders.
  • Insurance cover theft and fire: the goods in the Boutique, a value not less than € 50,000 (fifty thousand) 
Experience from previous openings, Parah is aware of the importance of having a clear indication of the start-up costs.