Erica Modenese Rezende


A new face in the  fashion industry, Erika Modenese Rezedende is a perfect binomial of multiethnic and eclectic woman.
Erica was born in Brazil and has Italian roots. She is really passionate about Italy and about Italian art and culture. She started modelling when she was quite young, at fifteen, and she's been travelling the world ever since. Now she lives in Italy.

There  is a strong connection in fashion  between creation and art, that is represented by Erica Modenese Rezende in the photo campaign Parah Rinascimento Collection F/W 2013/14.
The Lingerie collection, is inspired by elements of the Raissance, expresses research of beauty and perfection.
A dedication of love to the intimate beauty of every woman.
A jewel of a collection, thus defined for its product quality, excellent artisan works and the value of its luxurious inserts. With its sophisticated materials, the Lingerie collection is a result of painstaking research to identify the lines and shapes which suites best to emphasise and harmonise luxury, elegance and comfort.


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