Bye-bye beach cover-ups that are only good for the seaside bar. Now women are on the look for so much more as they say no to a simple matching outfit. What they want is a mix of colour, wow factor and practical fit. That’s why Parah clothing lines are taking but a little inspiration from beachwear while they go the extra mile to offer a twist on comfort and elegance.  Versatile pieces such as Pocket Dresses or the comfy Street warm-up suits, for instance, are the key to the season. And there’s room for accessories, too, the perfect complement to embellish every woman's closet.
Parah Pocket Dress. The concept behind the collection still finds inspiration in the initial idea. Pocket Dresses are a must-have, basic piece, ideal to suit every occasion. The collection’s sharp yet simple and straightforward fit gives that little bit more to always enhance the figure, for a strong and charismatic effect.
The line also features hand-made-like, functional and unprecedented details, such as gel on the neckline or jacquard finishing for the stole - the real must-have piece.
Black is still the go-to colour. But for 2013, the palette is enhanced by a pure total white, with a splash of warmer and relaxing shades such as poppy red or hot yellow, for a fresh and bubbly summer lived at its best.
Parah Street. A timeless item in every contemporary woman’s closet: the suit – now completely reinvented and revamped with a new injection of colours and details. All pieces are embellished by embroidery and sequin, studs and crystal applications to define the neckline, the hem or other more ‘strategic’ spots. Soft chenille, crisp linen and practical cotton adorn parka suits, bomber jackets or polo shirts, along with tank tops and t-shirts. The palette is a nod to the Navy: midnight blue, powdery blue, mélange grey and ecru are paired with classic black or bold bougainvillea lilac, for a hint of summery warmth.
Parah Summer Shoes. Accessories are created from clothing ideas and styles, as a consistent and logical take on the range. For summer 2013, Parah presents the Summer Shoes collection, a mini-line of sandals, flip-flops and flat ballerina pumps in seamless, single-cast silicon – obviously all 100 percent Italian. Lace and floral decorations in a smoky white, white, crystal and blue palette are a match made in heaven.

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