Parah uomo

The last years’ trends in men’s lifestyle have highlighted a strong rediscovery of the more hedonistic and recreational aspects of life. The post-modern man likes to be involved in fashion with a new enthusiasm, revealing an increasing curiosity and interest for the care of his appearance.

It’s this kind of contemporary man that inspires the philosophy of the fashion collections Parah Uomo, which with the Beach line propose an out-and-out summer dress code for the man that loves to wear comfortable, versatile and functional garments without renouncing to style, sophistication and really high quality.

Fabrics and accessories are accurately selected to offer a product that has the same quality of a hand-made garment, symbol of the continuous commitment for research and innovation.

Parah provides the great skills that allowed them to enhance the women’s universe in the past 60 years, to create a refined and intriguing total look also for the man who wants to enjoy the city as well as holidays and free-time in an absolute comfort and freedom.

The concept of the collections combines an easy and convenient style with the highest accuracy of the fabrics that become increasingly comfortable and practical, ultra-light and quick-drying. Finally the maniacal attention to finishing and details helps to create technical and sophisticated garments which are perfect for a demanding man who is looking for the high-quality and the style of the Italian manufactures.

In the crossroad between tradition and long for innovation, Parah enjoys supporting the multiple facets of the contemporary man, who sometimes is very serious and elegant, sometimes jaunty, some other times a dreamer, and translating these characteristics in a very diversified proposal that meets the different needs in tastes and wearability.

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