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Erica Modenese Rezende

Parah Rinascimento Collection F/W 2013/14.
A new face in the  fashion industry, Erika Modenese Rezedende is a perfect binomial of multiethnic and eclectic woman and is representative of the connection between Italian art and fashion.

Liraz Dror - Parah Noir

For F/W 2008-09 Parah Noir marks the return to the cult of corsety, lingerie and swimwear, to the stylistic research and the collections that distinguished the Parah name in the Nineties.

Liraz Dror - Luxury and reductio beyond "D" cup size

Parah's 2007-2008 Fall/Winter corsetry collection consolidates this product's success with differentiated cup sizes up to "E" and sensual image that has revolutionized the market for bras, which up until now has focused mainly on the technical aspects of the garments.

Elena Santarelli - Bikini Italia

In July of 2006, Italy won the world football championship. Parah celebrated this victory with the special production of a limited-edition bikini dedicated to the Italian national football team.

Federica Fontana - B206 Stretch cup bra

For the summer of 2004, Parah developed a new bikini model with stetch cups, which is still produced todau. This was a downright for women with specific fit requirements.

Fernanda Lessa - "Gabbia" Lingerie

Taking inspiration from Renaissance-period corsets, Parah ha salso created a collection of underwear with an innovative and seductive flavor. 

Nathalie Caldonazzo - Aria bra and bikini by Parah

In the summer of 2000, Parah introduced "Aria", a new bra and bikini model, which is the lightest push-up bra ever made, weighing slightly more than 50 grams.

Kristian Ghedina - Parah uomo

World ski champion Kristian Ghedina endorsed the Parah Uomo brand and the 1999 spring/summer collection.